As-Built Survey – a survey performed after construction has been completed to locate the positions and/or determine the dimensions of structures and improvements.

Construction Staking – a survey performed before or during construction to set markers (lath, hubs, nails) to designate the design locations and/or elevations of proposed structures and improvements.

Elevation Certificate – a survey performed to determine the elevation(s) of pads, forms, and/or structures under construction, for the purpose of providing information relative to floodplain management practices.

Grading Plan – a map or drawing produced on which proposed grading (earthwork cuts & fills, retaining walls, drainage structures, etc.) is shown relative to the contours of existing ground surfaces. Existing ground information is typically provided by first conducting a topographic survey (see below).

Monitoring Survey – a survey performed on two or more occasions, in which structures or surfaces of concern are surveyed at designated locations, and the locations are then checked for horizontal and/or vertical movement over time.

Topographic Survey – a survey performed to determine the contours of the existing ground surface at the time of the survey, as well as the locations of existing natural and/or man-made features within the survey area.

Volumetric Survey – a survey performed to determine the current volume, or the change in volume, of earthwork areas, borrow pits, materials stockpiles, sumps, reservoirs, or other such areas.

3D Scanning
GPS Surveying
Robotic Surveying
Digital Leveling

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